Surrey County Bowling Association

Around August a list goes up inviting participants to enter singles, pairs, triples or fours for the following year’s competitions and those succeeding in getting through a certain number of rounds qualify for a County Badge – a much sought-after.distinction. Geographically, Surrey is divided into 4 Areas each having 2 Divisions, this Club being in Area 2 Division 4. This area runs generally along the A3 including Weybridge in the West to Motspur Park in the East. One of the routes to recognition is via the Inter-Area Competitions, nominations for the trials available on request.


North West Surrey Bowling Association. (No relation to the Surrey C.B.A.)

This is a group of friendly Clubs in North West Surrey. The Friday Night League has 5 Divisions each with 8 teams, Walton usually entering 2 teams, Walton A and Walton B, currently in Division 2 and Division 3. Each team of 4 men plays alternately at home and away, and those interested should contact whoever is in charge of the team (arranged at the Pre-season Meeting). The Association usually arranges about 4 Representative Matches and Members are encouraged to enter their names on the list on the Notice Board, and they also arrange a once-a-year weekly tour.


The Chertsey & District Thursday Bowls League

This consists of 4 Divisions of 8 teams each, with 2 men and 2 ladies in each team. Walton currently enters 2 teams – Walton A and Walton B in Div.2 and Div.4 respectively, and, promotion or relegation is on a 2 up and 2 down basis. As with the previously mentioned League, those in charge are agreed to at the Pre-Season Meeting.


Surrey Heathfield Bowls Association

Walton again enters 2 teams who play alternately at home or away each week. It is a men’s competition and the winners hold for 1 year the Heathfield Trophy (previously known as the Herald Cup).



  • Monday evening Ladies’ League (Team of 4);
  • Thursday evening Mixed League (Teams of 4);
  • Friday evening Men’s League (2 Teams of 4 – Divisions 1 and 3).

These leagues normally run from June to August.